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Michael is a direct access barrister based in Manchester and he can represent you in a number of different areas of law. Whether it be attending court hearings or drafting important key documents such as court forms, court documents or letters to your opponents, he offers a reliable, down to earth and friendly service. He works in a number of areas of law is happy to travel nationally for appropriate cases.

Michael operates within the following areas of law:

Michael is registered as a direct access barrister so you can instruct him directly in order to avoid having to pay solicitors fees.

How to contact Michael:

  • Feel free to call Michael on 0161 806 0106.
  • Email him at
  • Chat to him directly (if he is available) using the chat facility at the bottom right of this page.
  • Fill out the contact form just here and Michael will respond as soon as he is able.


Recent Testimonial – Testimonials Page for More

“Michael Shaw dealt with our case in the most professional manner. He was caring and courteous towards the Defendant who was a victim of domestic violence whilst displaying the utmost professionalism and giving her the advice and confidence to give evidence in the best way possible. His cross-examination technique, expertise and his confidence is what won the case in the end. Highly recommended! Thanks again Michael. Great result”

My rate is £300 per hour. I do not currently charge VAT.

Here (non-exhaustive) list of tasks that you could potentially instruct me to carry out. They are not mandatory and the list is not exhaustive. For example, you could choose to instruct me for just a trial or application hearing.

For each job I would assess the papers and provide you with a fixed fee quote in advance.

If you want a discount for instructing me on multiple tasks I would be open to that.


Review medical records 40 pages/hour

Case papers review 20 pages/hour

Draft letter of instruction to breach expert if required – 3.5 hours
Draft the letter of claim – 4 hours
Draft an advice on liability/quantum if required – 4 hours
Draft Particulars of Claim – 6 hours

Review Defence—assess merits of case – 2 hours
Draft Directions Questionnaire (including costs budget, draft directions,
case summary, budget and discussion report) – 4 hours
Attend costs and case management conference – 4 hours
Draft P35 questions & JEM agenda. – 3 hours
Draft listing questionnaire – 1 hour
Attend joint settlement meeting – 8 hours


Trial Prep (May include Expert Conference)  – 8 hours
Trial / Day – 8 hours per day but would discount to 6

Expert fee  for C&P report circa (£500-£4,000)

Expert Fees for attendance at trial (£500-£1000 per day)

Variation Depends Upon

  • Complexity and strength of case
  • Volume of papers
  • Response and behaviour of the Defendant

What costs does compensation cover

If you win your case then compensation will be paid for the injury and any losses flowing from the injury so loss of earnings or restorative treatment for example.

In addition, your reasonable legal fees (so my fees) will also be paid.

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