Coroner’s Inquests

Michael regularly attends coroner’s hearings on behalf of the families of the deceased, and also behalf of those who have been declared to be an ‘interested party’ by the coroner.

It is important to be aware that the coroner’s court is chiefly concerned with the unusual deaths and identifying the who, where, when and how of the circumstances of the deceased’s death.

It is not about apportioning blame and, although it can be a stressful and occasionally heated process it is not meant to be an adversarial process like in a county, crown or magistrates court.


Possible outcomes that the coroner may consider:

  • Natural causes;
  • Accident;
  • Suicide;
  • Unlawful killing
  • Lawful killing;
  • Industrial disease and
  • Open verdicts (where there is insufficient evidence for any other verdict).


Sometimes a coroner uses a longer sentence describing the circumstances of the death, which is called a narrative verdict.

Michael is a direct, public access barrister so you can hire him directly in order to represent you at the coroner’s court.


“I instructed Mike on a complex public liability matter. I was impressed by his down to earth nature and the effortless way he was able to put my client at her ease in conference. At trial his cross examination of the Defendant’s main expert witness was exceptional and I believe won the day for our client.

The judge singled out their expert witness for specific criticism as a result of the flaws in his evidence that Michael’s skilled cross examination highlighted.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him and will be instructing him in the future”.

Sobia – Themis Solicitors

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