Professional Negligence Claims

Michael is not afraid to champion those claimants who have been wronged by professionals who hold themselves out to offer a minimum standard of specific professional services. In 2014, Michael brought a professional negligence claims against former MMR vaccine claimant solicitors. This case lead to him being featured on the front page of the Times newspaper and in the online pages of the Guardian and the Law Gazette.

You can instruct Michael directly under the Public Access Scheme. Michael has successfully fought and won several professional negligence claims in the following areas.

  • Previously Under-settled claims for damages
  • Loss of legal chance (unwinnable cases taken fought for costs building)
  • Missed limitation or other court deadlines
  • Financial advice given without correct registration.


Recent Testimonial – See The Testimonials Page for More

“Michael Shaw dealt with our case in the most professional manner. He was caring and courteous towards the Defendant who was a victim of domestic violence. He displayed the utmost professionalism and gave her the advice and confidence to give evidence in the best way possible. His cross-examination technique, expertise and his confidence is what won the case in the end. Highly recommended! Thanks again Michael. Great result”

How to contact Michael:

Michael is a direct access barrister. This means you can instruct him directly in order to avoid having to pay solicitors fees.

  • Feel free to call Michael on 07813337612.
  • Email him at
  • Chat to him directly (if he is available) using the chat facility at the bottom right of this page.
  • Fill out the contact form just here and Michael will respond as soon as he is able.


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