Michael Shaw – Direct Access Barrister

Called to the Bar in 2017

Michael is a Direct Access (or Public Access) Barrister. The Public Access Scheme now means that members of the public can go straight to a Direct Access Barrister without having to instruct a Solicitor or other intermediary and so avoid paying two sets of fees.

So now you can save money while gaining access to the best legal advice possible.

Michael can assist you with: –

  • Representation in full trials
  • Representation in short hearings and interim applications
  • Written or verbal advice on your case.
  • Legal letter writing
  • Legal drafting of court forms
  • Negotiations with opponents or other parties.

Experience and types of law

Michael was a Director of a national law firm. He specializes in the following areas:-

Fees fixed in advance

Once you and Michael have discussed your case, he will be able to advise you of the best course of action and give you a fixed fee quote to deliver what you need.

Previous customer comments

  • “I was impressed by his down to earth nature and the effortless way he was able put me at my ease”.
  • “Although I was very nervous before the trial, Michael explained everything calmly and clearly. He made me feel more confident about the outcome and he didn’t let me down. We won and I got 100% of the money the Defendant owed me”.
  • “The judge singled out their witness for specific criticism as a result of the flaws in his evidence; flaws which I’m sure would not have come out but for Mike’s excellent and detailed cross examination”.
  • “I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael to anyone”.
  • “The documents were in a bit of a state when I gave them to Michael but the work was delivered immaculately, on time, and for a fixed fee. Top job”.

Contact page for Michael

  • Call Michael directly on 07813337612, or
  • Mail Michael at michael@mshawbarrister.com, or
  • Chat to him on this page
  • Fill out the contact form below.


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