Product Liability Claims

Michael is a Direct Access Barrister. Under the Public Access Scheme you can go direct to him for legal advice without using a solicitor or any other middle person. He has a specific interest in product liability claims and has represented several clients in this area in high-value claims valued at over £1,000,000. Examples of the types of product liability claims Michael has experience of are as follows:

  • Medical product liability
  • Breaches of common law, statutory and importers duty
  • Claims under statute – Consumer Protection Act 1987
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Design defects
  • Sufficient warnings
  • Product recalls
  • Import issues and how to avoid product liability claims post Brexit.


Recent Testimonial – See The Testimonials Page for More

“Michael Shaw dealt with our case in the most professional manner. He was caring and courteous towards the Defendant who was a victim of domestic violence. He displayed the utmost professionalism and gave her the advice and confidence to give evidence in the best way possible. His cross-examination technique, expertise and his confidence is what won the case in the end. Highly recommended! Thanks again Michael. Great result”

Michael is a direct access barrister. This means you can instruct him directly in order to avoid having to pay solicitors fees.

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