How to deal with a claim being made against you

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November 12, 2019 Michael 3 Comments

If you receive a set of papers through the post saying that someone has issued a claim against you then do not ignore it.

  • First check the section marked Particulars of Claim. If the words “particulars of claim to follow” are written in this section then you should wait to receive them. If they are enclosed then
  • Check the date that the claim was issued on the paperwork. In the normal run of things you will have 14 days from “the date of receipt” to acknowledge the claims and a further 14 days to respond after that to Defend the claim. In reality it is always best to get this job done as soon as you can (a long way before this deadline).
  • Get in touch with the court if you can’t find any of the the information. They cannot give you legal advice but they can help you find key information. A-Z court finder page.


Ultimately, you can respond by:

  • Paying the full amount
  • Paying only what you think you owe
  • Defending the claim (if you do not think you owe any money or you’ve already paid)


Please do not ignore this issue. If you ignore this or respond too late then you may end up paying more than the amount you are being pursued for.

If you need more time to respond

You can ask for another 14 days to respond if you’re defending the claim or paying only what you think you owe.

Fill out the acknowledgement of service form in the response pack.

Send it to the court address on the claim form.


If you need assistance.

If you would like Michael to assist you then please contact him. Click here for details.

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  1. I’ve 2 ccj for parking tickets in my name I’ve never driven or owned a car in my life …someone has used my name and address …

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