Notice of Trial Date

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At the top on the left it will usually say in capitals; NOTICE OF TRIAL, or NOTICE OF TRIAL DATE, or NOTICE OF HEARING



  • DO NOT panic. You can deal with it.
  • DO NOT ignore this. It wont go away.
  • DO NOT ignore any deadlines within it as if you don’t comply it will make things worse.
  • DO NOT ignore any instructions as this may mean that you automatically lose your case and are hit with a hefty bill.



  • DO Act today.
  • DO get help if you feel out of your depth
  • DO use a direct access barrister like Michael or someone else who is used to going in to court.


Michael has represented 100’s of people who have had the same issues. It’s not rare. In the end the basic thing is not to ignore it.

If you want to talk to Michael about your case then please either;

  • Call him directly on 07813337612
  • Chat with him directly (if he’s online) using the chat facility here.
  • Go to the contact page

If you want to contact the court about the Notice of Trial Date then you can find the number via the HMCTS court finder page

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