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December 27, 2023 Michael 0 Comments

If you are fighting a legal battle without legal representation then you need to read this.

The following is a LinkedIn post I read yesterday from a fellow direct access barrister. They appear to be offering tips to other lawyers on how to approach a case where you are against an unrepresented party. At first I thought they were advising the unrepresented party LIP’s on how to tackle the legal system then later on it seemed to be the other way round. I’ve re-read it a number of times and I’m still not certain.

Judge for yourself:-

So is this a direct access barrister preparing for you?

“Litigant in Person tips (from a direct access Barrister):-

1. Make a detailed note of all conversations .

2. Follow up any conversation in writing.

3. Follow up any letter with a note get independent advice.

4. Assume they will turn up with no lawyer and a 1 day case will take 2.

5. Assume the represented party is going to end up preparing the bundle.

6. Assume said costs of bundle will not recover.

7. Give any deadline to a LIP in writing and put in bundle.

8. Assume LIP will turn up with a carrier bag of documents.

9. Send bundle by recorded delivery to said LIP and assume they turn up and say not rcd.

10. Repeat steps 1 and 2 again!”

Clearly other people out there were as confused as I was. One comment from Lianne who works for a London solicitor’s firm Judge Law, read thus-

A comment on the above post from Lianne H LLB Law (Hons)

Interesting perhaps even condescending.

My tips for dealing with Barristers from a LIP:

1. Ask them for everything in writing, and double check the accuracy.

2. Ask them what their rationale is, case dependent they quite frankly CBA.

3. Get the judge onside and ask for judicial guidance, show the judge some courtesy.

4. Get yourself legally educated and clued up, question everything. You can guarantee they want an easy case.

5. Get the lawyers to prepare the bundle, gives you more time to get clued up!

6. Where you are in the country matters very much. Very, very important.

7. It’s fantastic when they think you’re a soft touch, then coherently state your case. 😉

Hats off to Lianne for standing up for Litigants in Person. This is her LinkedIn profile if you want to follow her.


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