Hourly Rates and Possible Instructions

Rates and Tasks

Michael’s rate is £300 per hour. I do not currently charge VAT.

Here is a list of tasks that you could potentially instruct Michael to carry out. They are not mandatory and the list is not exhaustive. For example, you could choose to instruct him for just a trial or application hearing.

For each job Michael would assess the papers and provide you with a fixed fee quote in advance.

Michael will often offer a discount for instructions on multiple tasks.


  • Review medical records 40 pages/hour
  • Case papers review 20 pages/hour
  • Draft letter of instruction to breach expert if required – 3.5 hours
  • Draft the letter of claim – 4 hours
  • Draft an advice on liability/quantum if required – 4 hours
  • Draft Particulars of Claim – 6 hours


  • Review Defence—assess merits of case – 2 hours
  • Draft Directions Questionnaire (including costs budget, draft directions,
    case summary, budget and discussion report) – 4 hours
  • Attend costs and case management conference – 4 hours
  • Draft P35 questions & JEM agenda. – 3 hours
  • Draft listing questionnaire – 1 hour
  • Attend joint settlement meeting – 8 hours


  • Trial Prep (May include Expert Conference)  – 8 hours
  • Trial / Day – 8 hours per day but would discount to 6

Expert fee  for C&P report circa (£500-£4,000)

  • Expert Fees for attendance at trial (£500-£1000 per day)

Variation Depends Upon

  • Complexity and strength of case
  • Volume of papers
  • Response and behaviour of the Defendant

What costs does compensation cover

If you win your case then compensation will be paid for the injury and any losses flowing from the injury so loss of earnings or restorative treatment for example.

In addition, your reasonable legal fees (so Michael’s fees) will also be paid.

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