Michael Shaw – Direct Access Barrister

Benefits of a Direct Access Barrister

Michael Shaw is a highly rated Direct Access Barrister with an excellent track record and a down to earth approach that puts his clients at ease.

You can now:-

  • Avoid paying solicitor’s fees by going direct to a registered public access barrister.
  • Get peace of mind from having the best legal advice.
  • Save valuable time with quicker response times from your legal advisor.
  • Always know how much you’ll be paying with fees that are fixed in advance.


Michael’s legal experience

A former solicitor and director of a national law firm, Michael has over 20 years experience in medical negligence claims, and over 10 years experience in coroner’s hearings and inquests.

Michael specialises in the following types of law:-


Michael describes his down to earth approach.

“I have been privileged to spend over 20 years working for people who have suffered all manner of complex injuries through no fault of their own. I love mt job. Every case brings a new challenge and new rewards, and while medical negligence cases can often be complex, I try to make the process as clear and straightforward as I can for each of my clients. I want to take away all the legal speak and the medical jargon to leave my clients in no doubt as to exactly where they are. Once that’s understood I can advise them on the best next steps and how they can take them.”

How Michael can assist you.

Michael can: –

  • Attend court on your behalf for trials.
  • Represent you in court in short hearings and interim applications.
  • Represent you in mediations or joint settlement hearings
  • Draft legal advices, court documents and legal letters to help you win your case.
  • Draft letters of instruction to experts
  • Draft legal correspondence to opponents and third parties.
  • Written advice, or advice in person, on the chances of winning, or the likely value, of your case.
  • Negotiate with your opponents or other parties.

Fees fixed in advance

Once you and Michael have discussed your case, he will be able to advise you of the best way forward and give you a fixed fee, no obligation, quote to deliver that result.

Recent customer comments

Hi Michael, I would like to express our greatest gratitude to you for taking on our case. Thank you for your counsel; for all that you did to make this case bearable. Believe it or not, there had been times I’ve wanted to give up; so thank you for your optimism. It definitely helped hugely. We appreciate you x


“I was very nervous before the trial. Michael explained everything calmly and clearly and as a result he made me feel more confident about the outcome and he certainly didn’t let me down. We won and I got 100% of the money the Defendant owed me”.


“The judge singled out their witness for specific criticism as a result of the flaws in his evidence; flaws which I’m sure would not have come out but for Mike’s excellent and detailed cross examination”.


“I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael to anyone”.


“The documents were in a bit of a state when I gave them to Michael but the work was delivered immaculately, on time, and for a fixed fee. Top job”.



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How to make contact

  • Call directly on 0161 806 0106, or
  • Email michael@mshawbarrister.com,
  • Chat using the chat facility on this page, or
  • Fill out the contact form here providing brief details of your case for Michael to consider.


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